As leaders in commercial construction, Greiner Construction offers:

Construction Services

Building work, renovations, and other services with precision.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering services.

Execution of either pre-designed or design and build projects.

Effluent / Sewage Treatment Services

We offer innovative wastewater treatment system

KRESTFIELD ENGINEERING CONCEPTS LIMITED (KECL) is a leading engineering service firm fully registered as a Limited Liability Company in 2009. Since then, KECL has grown in the industry with major involvement in Construction, Building, Maintenance as well as Plant and Facilities Management.

Over the years, many reputable companies and organizations have benefited from our contracting and advisory services in the field of engineering.

KECL consultancy service has also been one of the major services that have positioned us as a company with the right requisite theoretical knowledge and technical know-how which is a hard combination to come by.

We are involved in any developmental project without restriction to any field and our attention to detail has been a major advantage in our value offerings. Our dedication to Client satisfaction has also been our core value and we have stood by it from the beginning.

This attribute has been instrumental in building our rich clientele portfolio that includes projects we have undertaken for organizations and institutions in the Private Sector and Public Sector. We have worked with both State and Federal Institutions to deliver values that are of great value to the people.

Our value offerings cut across reconnaissance, thorough feasibility investigations, design, construction, maintenance, operation, engineering tools supply, and installations.

KECL value offerings have been designed to take all the heavy lifting from our clients. We want to help every organization we come across become more productive without having to worry about the technical responsibilities needed for a seamless operation.

Mission  Statement 

As a professional Engineering services company, our goal is to create a dynamic pattern of long-term progressive growth. KECL maintains this growth by taking the responsibility to observe the following principles to earn your trust and confidence as a valued client.

  • Meet up to the quality of service that each client demands.

  • Provide cost-effective solutions that meet the specified Project criteria.

  • Provide honest and ethical service to our Clients and Community at all times.

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Related Services

Effluent / Sewage Treatment Services

We pride ourselves to be one of the best as we assemble a team of experts to deliver innovative wastewater treatment systems. A comprehensive package system that gives complete satisfaction to our clients thereby contributing to environmental safety in Nigeria.

Construction Services

Our team is trained to perform any type of building work, renovation s, and other services with precision. Our goal is to carry out our work professionally with safety, quality, and a delivery time that is second to none.

Facility Management

Our level of expertise enables us to offer innovative solutions capable of systematically and comprehensively maintain diverse facilities with cost-effective, quality, time-saving, and optimization of our client’s facilities.

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